Male Chastity Devices

The first, and last, place you’ll ever need to look to be equipped for your pledge. High-quality cages of any style, color and material you can imagine. Your journey starts here…

Metal Cages

Sometimes a slave wants something to remind them of their pledge. Our metal cage range fits the bill perfectly, with a huge selection of intricate designs.

Silicone Cages

Soft, snug and incredibly comfortable. Silicone cages are perfect for wearing while you’re out and about and need a little give. Click here to find your dream silicone cage!

Become the Perfect Slave

How To Measure

Make sure there’s no chance of escape. Measure up for Mistress and get a cage that fits just right.

Original Comics

Be teased and tempted as you learn everything Mistress expects from a good slave.

Chastity Games

Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s The LocktheCock carnival, with chastity fun and chastity games for one and all.