Male Chastity Play - All About The Prostate Part 1: What Is The Prostate?

One Hot Little Button:

Introducing His - and Your - New Best Friend, the Prostate!

Slowly, gently, your finger travels up the inside of your caged man’s warm, relaxed hole. Finally, you feel spongy flesh give way to something small and hard. The moment that your fingertip so much as brushes against this little bundle of nerve and muscle, your submissive’s body practically jumps, twitching, tensing, shaking as the sensations run through his body…

You continue your gentle touches, massaging, moving that single fingertip in a circular motion. His body reacts as he feels it and understands at last what he is experiencing: pleasure, but pleasure without the slightest hope of orgasm. Every stroke excites him, but he does not become aroused. Lightning bolts of pleasure run through his body, but his locked cock does not stiffen.

And when it does come? Why, of course, he will be granted not a shuddering burst of cum shooting out, but a pathetic little dribble from his pathetic little locked up cock. Because a locked slave doesn’t deserve a real orgasm, does he? Of course not! All he is good for, all he shall be allowed, is the humiliating, draining sensation of regular prostate milking from his Dominant goddess.

Ah, yes.

That’s right, dear readers. It’s time to talk about the prostate.

Yes, the prostate. Such a tiny, humble, unassuming little spot, hidden deep within his rectum, but capable of providing him so much pleasure…and also of denying it to him.

In recent years, the prostate has gained more and more prominence within the world of erotica and especially the kink community. It’s rare to find a story featuring gay male participants or female-led sexual activity that doesn’t mention the prostate. Chastity, tease and denial, and ruined orgasm focused pornographic videos regularly involve prostate milking or massages.

But for all that the prostate has become the “star” of so much pornography recently, it’s still surprisingly hard – pun fully intended! – to find accurate, in depth literature about just what it is and how to properly stimulate it.

We wouldn’t be a properly informative chastity website if we didn’t have an article about the prostate. In fact, we have three! This one will introduce you to the prostate and help you locate it, while later entries in the series will introduce milking. Milking is a super-fun, super-sexy process in which the prostate is stimulated to drain semen from your man’s locked cock without granting him any of the pleasure of orgasm.

Prostate play is wonderful for so many reasons. It’s pleasurable for both him and you, but never too pleasurable for him. It’s a great way to touch, tease and be intimate with your submissive partner even while his cock is still locked up tight. And, stimulating the prostate regularly can even provide a number of medical benefits! (See our article here for more information on the role of the prostate in keeping your man healthy.)

Of course, before we can start playing with your slave’s prostate, it’s important to understand just what it is and how to find it.

So What’s a “Prostate,” Anyway?

The prostate is a small gland located between the bladder and the rectum. Most male mammals, not just humans, have a prostate in some form, though they come in vastly different sizes and locations. The average human male’s prostate is usually described as being the size of a walnut or of a large coin, such as an American quarter or British 50-pence piece.

Although the prostate is located entirely inside the body, it can be felt one of two ways: either externally or internally. Externally, you can touch the prostate by applying light pressure to the perineum, the stretch of skin between the penis / testicles and the anus. The presence of the prostate close beneath the skin means that this area is an erogenous zone for many men.

Alternately, you can seek it out internally by inserting a finger or toy into the anus (colloquially “hole” or “asshole”) until you come in contact with a slightly firmer area along the rectal wall. The exact location of the prostate varies for each individual, but it can usually be found about a finger-length along the rectum on the “inner” side – the side closest to the belly button.

What Does The Prostate Do?

Okay, so the prostate is a small gland located near the genitals. Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Surely, you’re probably thinking right about now, this little thing can’t be the exciting sexual game-changer that it’s portrayed as in porn.

Well, as a matter of fact… it can be, and it is.

What makes the prostate so amazing is less its physical appearance or properties and more its function – it’s so special not for what it is, but for what it does. The prostate performs a number of important tasks vital for the health of the male and the successful carrying out of the human sexual and reproductive process.

To understand just what the prostate does, it’s first important to note that it is actually both a gland and a muscle. It both creates and stores important liquids and moves those liquids through the man’s body.

The gland part is made up of a number of small sacs called acini. Each of these sacs store a thick, milky white fluid called prostate fluid. Prostate fluid makes up anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of a man’s semen, the rest of which is spermatozoa or sperm for short. The prostate fluid helps move the sperm along more quickly and protects it from urine, bacteria, and the slightly acidic liquids found inside the vagina. Basically, without prostate fluid, sperm would never be able to survive long enough to reach and fertilize a woman’s eggs, so babies would never be born!

So that’s the gland part of the prostate – but what about the muscle? Well, actually the muscle part of the prostate performs two important jobs! One, it moves the semen (consisting of sperm and prostate fluid) from the testicles or “balls” to the urethra (the inside of the penis) which is what allows orgasm to happen. Second, it closes off the bladder during masturbation or sexual activity. This is what makes sure men don’t accidentally pee during sex or vice versa, which would cause their urine to destroy their sperm in addition to being extremely painful.

It’s Important to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

The prostate is also generally extremely useful in monitoring and maintaining a man’s overall health, especially the health of his reproductive system and bladder. A healthy prostate means that a man will be sexually functional, able to urinate normally, and in general be extremely happy and in good condition.

On the other hand the prostate slowing down, swelling, or ceasing to function entirely can lead to:

  • The constant feeling of needing to pee, but without being able to
  • The inability to get or maintain an erection
  • The inability to orgasm normally
  • Itching, tenderness or pain in the anus and rectum area
  • Lower testosterone levels, which can lead to side effects such as low energy, hair loss, and lower libido / inability to feel arousal

In addition, an unhealthy prostate can be the cause of a number of serious health conditions. The two most dangerous, with severe long term effects, include:

Prostatitis, in which the prostate becomes inflamed, swollen or in any way larger than usual. This is very common in men 30 and older and becomes even more common as they age. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection of some kind. It leads to difficulty urinating, getting an erection or having an orgasm.

Prostate cancer, which is currently considered to be the most common form of cancer in men. Depending on the severity, it is often extremely difficult to treat and can be fatal.

For more information about these health conditions and how to prevent them, see our article here. However, for the purpose of this article, you just need to understand this one “fast fact”:

The number one way to keep the prostate healthy and functioning properly is to ejaculate regularly.

Ejaculating drains all the fluid from the prostate, allowing it to “flush” itself and begin producing a fresh batch of semen. It removes any harmful infection-causing bacteria which may have built up inside its various small sacs.

It is here where the connection between the prostate and a male chastity lifestyle becomes apparent.

The Prostate’s Importance to the Male Chastity Lifestyle

Semen being allowed to sit in the prostate for too long can be dangerous. It can lead to the build up of bacteria which can cause prostatitis and other infectious health conditions. Most urologists (doctors who specialize in the urinary and male reproductive systems) recommend that a healthy male should ejaculate at least once every 4-6 weeks at minimum.

Of course, that initially seems like it’s not good news for practitioners of male chastity. After all, the purpose of locking your man’s cock in a tiny little cage is to prevent him from experiencing the pleasure of an orgasm!

So if you’d been planning on keeping your guy in chastity for six months or even a year without letting him have a single orgasm, you may feel like the information in this article is actively ruining your carefully laid plans.

But never fear!


Well, simply…because there is a catch!

Read what we said earlier again: urologists recommend that men ejaculate once every 4-6 weeks to clear out the potential buildup of bacteria in their semen.

That’s right. Release fluid at least once every 4-6 weeks. NOT “orgasm at least once every 4-6 weeks”. As a keyholder, you have several options for draining your pet’s semen and keeping him healthy WITHOUT allowing him the slightest hint of orgasmic pleasure.

Option number one is something called a ruined orgasm, which involves stimulating the penis but stopping right before he is about to come. We’ve written a separate article about that here, so check it out if that catches your interest.

Your other option is the central topic of the next article in this series: a process known as prostate milking. Read on to learn more!