Butt Focused Chastity Play Ideas

It’s All A-Butt the Ass Today!

Some Ass-ome New Chastity Play Ideas!

Many newcomers to the male chastity lifestyle have the misconception that sexual play in chastity relationships can or should only occur during the brief periods when the caged male is allowed to be unlocked.

Unfortunately, we believe that this surprisingly common but quite incorrect thought arises from the general focus on the cock as the center of all male sexual activity. Most porn involving men shows either them using their cocks to fuck someone or having their cocks stimulated by their partners. This has even led to the – also equally incorrect! – idea that the cock is the man’s only erogenous zone, or the only place on his body which can receive sexual pleasure.

Luckily, this is absolutely and totally NOT the case!

Most men have a number of erogenous zones that, in more “traditional” sexual relationships, they often don’t even think about exploring. Probably the most well known would be the testicles or “balls”. But did you know that many men, just like women, enjoy having their nipples touched and played with? There are also some men with extremely sensitive necks, lips or inner thighs.

And, of course, there’s the ever lovely topic of this particular article, the most frequently ignored and overlooked source of male sexual pleasure…

We are talking, of course, about the ass.

In both males and females, the ass is home to a surprising amount of nerve endings which are capable of receiving and feeling pleasure. Men even have the added bonus of the prostate, a sensitive gland which can be stimulated by rubbing along the inner walls of the ass in the direction of the belly button. (See our informative guide here for more tips on how to tease the prostate and make it a regular part of your chastity-centered sex life.)

The best part about the ass (in our opinion, at least) is that keyholders can play with it and tease it without having to go through the effort of unlocking their slave’s cage. A Mistress or Master can make their pet feel amazing waves of unparalleled pleasure shooting through their body while their caged cock twitches, desperate to come but unable even to get an erection.

With proper technique and preparation, keyholders can even give their chastity slaves a particular kind of ruined orgasm via prostate milking, in which semen is released but no pleasurable muscle contractions or release of pleasure hormones is allowed. See here for detailed instructions on how to do just that!

Of course, there’s also yet another benefit that comes from playing with your sub’s ass regularly – he is constantly reminded of his inferior, submissive position and how much control you have in the relationship. The ass, along with the mouth, is one of the best parts of the male body to be penetrated by a dominant partner. You are literally switching up and reversing the “traditional” sexual roles as his holes are claimed and thoroughly fucked by his keyholding Goddess!

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips for making sure that your assplay is safe and fun for both (or all!) participants. We’ll also suggest a few of our personal favorite ways for playing with your man’s ass while his cock is helplessly and hopelessly locked inside his chastity cage!

Ass Play Requires Preparation

If you’re new to what is often colloquially called “butt stuff,” it’s important to note that some level of preparation is required before engaging in a play session. In both males and females, the ass is a sensitive region, and the hole especially can tear or become swollen, red and irritated if proper care is not taken.

Of course, it’s also an area that sometimes experiences a build up of bacteria due to the presence of fecal matter. It’s also important to make sure that all people and toys involved in the ass play clean themselves thoroughly both before and after any sessions.

If it sounds daunting, don’t worry! Just follow these Lock the Cock Pro Tips and your ass play sessions are guaranteed to stay pain- and dirt-free!

  • The caged man must clean his ass thoroughly before play. We recommend a combination of soap, water, and gentle baby wipes.
  • For extra cleanliness, have him use an enema to clean out any remaining fecal matter. Have him keep the liquid inside his ass for around 5 minutes, and then give him 15-20 minutes before beginning play to make sure everything is fully released. Enemas can be purchased at any pharmacy / drugstore or bought in bulk online. Single-use, “disposable” enemas are totally fine. High-intensity, medical-grade enemas are not required. However, you should avoid using a “homemade” or “DIY” enema unless you have a lot of experience.
  • If the keyholder will be inserting his or her fingers, fist, or any other body part into the caged partner’s ass, he or she should wash their hands thoroughly after play. Make sure to use a nail brush to get out any material which may become trapped under the nails.
  • Wash any toys used for anal penetration in the same manner. Unless the toy is made of glass, it can even be safely run through the dishwasher between play sessions.
  • For extra safety and security, wear gloves during insertion. Single use medical gloves made from latex, vinyl or nitrile are usually considered the best option.
  • Lube should ALWAYS be used when inserting anything into the anus, from a single finger to the largest butt plug. Go here for our suggestion of lubes which pair excellently with a male chastity lifestyle.
  • Start small and stretch him out gradually. Especially if your partner has never had anything in his ass before, start with something small, such as a finger or short, thin dildo to avoid tearing or bruising. Don’t worry, you can gradually work your way up to larger toys. It’ll stretch!
  • Consult a doctor before engaging in anal play IF your partner is suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, swollen/inflamed prostate (prostatitis) or any other ass-related health conditions.

Don’t Worry, You Can Make Prep Fun, Too!

We know, we know. Practically none of that up there sounded even the slightest bit sexy. In fact, it sounded exactly like what it was – necessary but extremely clinical preparation.

Don’t worry! With a little creativity, you can make all aspects of assplay fun and sexy! We’ve provided some examples below:

Set him rules and challenges for his cleaning and prep. For example, he must stand with his cheeks spread so you can watch and make sure he cleans himself out thoroughly. Alternately, set him timers – he must keep the enema liquid inside himself for 5 or even 10 or 15 minutes before releasing anything. If he releases at all, the ass play session will be postponed until the key holder (you!) decides to give him another chance. Sit back and watch the sexy show as he twitches, struggles and squirms around desperately trying to fulfill your commands! (Head over here for more suggestions about how to turn every part of your chastity life into a challenge or game.)

If you’re going to be using “everyday” tools such as an enema, gloves or baby wipes, have him go to the store and purchase them before the session. This will get him excited as he is forced to go out in public, all locked up in his cock cage of course, and buy items which you will later use to tease and torment his ass. He’ll feel a mix of embarrassment and arousal at the thought of the public’s eye on him as he purchases these erotic items. For extra fun, have him wear silk or lace panties while he shops!

Turn your prep sessions into a sexy role play scenario. Perhaps you’re the doctor and he’s the naughty patient who has been neglecting to care for his ass in between appointments. Or, go simple – you are his Queen and Goddess, and he’s a pathetic priest or palace slave forced to ritually cleanse himself to be worthy of merely entering your presence!

And, of course, as always, talk, talk, talk! A little bit of dirty talk can turn the dullest task or chore into a fun and sexy experience for both of you. As he’s emptying himself, describe exactly what you’re going to do to that squeaky clean little ass of his, how you’re going to get it all dirty all over again.

Or, while you’re lubing up, dribble a little down his crack and remind him of exactly how much it’s going to hurt, and how generous you are for even allowing him the luxury of using lubrication. Be creative and – most importantly – feel free to be just as mean or cruel as you so desire!

Ass Play Games For a Male Chastity Lifestyle

Of course, even when you’re engaging in some saucy butt-focused sexual activity, you should remember to keep chastity and its goals front and center. After all, chastity is probably one of the central elements of your relationship, and there’s no need to put it away even while he’s getting pleasure from having his ass and hole stimulated.

Here are some great ways to bring his butt into the picture while never letting him forget about his pitiful little locked cock and the lifetime of denial that comes with it.

Plug it Up!

Butt plugs are one of the greatest and simplest ways to combine ass play and male chastity. In many ways, a butt plug is similar to a cock cage in that it is a device which seals off a very sexual part of his body and prevents him from accessing it.

Because of their varying sizes and universally shared wide or flared base, a butt plug can be safely – if not quite comfortably – left inside an ass for long periods of time without any risk. As a keyholder, you should definitely take advantage of this fact and incorporate it into your regular teasing.

Make him keep the plug in all day as he tidies up the house and does his assigned chores. Pair it with a frilly apron and lacy panties for an extra sexy touch. Or send him off to work in a perfectly fitted business suit, but with his cruel metal cock cage and a matching, shiny steel butt plug to match hidden below! There’s really no reason why your slave shouldn’t spend most of his time with a plug shoved up his delectable little ass.

As we said earlier, butt plugs come in a variety of sizes, so you can start small and gradually train him to accept larger and larger toys. The largest butt plugs can be similar in width to a human fist – his asshole will really be feeling the stretch all day long!

Butt plugs also have the advantage of coming in a huge range of styles. If he’s into feminization, why not pick out a sissy pink “princess” plug with jeweled decorations? Or, if you want to remind him that he’s just your pet, how about one with a fluffy puppy, kitty, bunny, or other animal tail attached? There’s even inflatable butt plugs, which keyholders can pump over time to make larger and larger as the day goes on, and hollow butt plugs which can be used to give him an enema and then force him to hold all of that fluid inside himself for as long as his Goddess commands.

One of our favorite games here at Lock the Cock is the alternating tease. Offer your sub two choices: either he gets thirty minutes out of the cage with a small butt plug in, one hour out with a medium sized plug, or he gets a full half a day but his Mistress or Master gets to choose which butt plug he will wear. Whatever he chooses, full freedom is never an option – it’s always either the cage or the plug. Quite the devilish choice for the poor caged fellow! (Read about some more of our favorite teases here!)

Let’s Get Pegging

We feel that pegging is one of the most intimate acts which a chastity couple can perform to reinforce their female-dominated, caged-male centered lifestyle. This act gives the Goddess keyholder full control and allows her (or him) to quite literally take on the dominant sexual role by having “traditional” penetrative sex with the caged partner on the receiving end.

Typically, pegging involves the keyholder donning a cock-shaped implement called a strap-on and then fucking the caged partner’s asshole. (While the cock cage stays on throughout the whole experience, of course!)

Strap-ons, like most anal play focused toys, come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, it’s the keyholders choice what she uses on her slave – the caged, submissive partner does not get to express an opinion.

Perhaps you prefer something more realistic – a flesh-colored model cock complete with veins, balls and maybe even pubic hair. Or maybe your tastes run towards something unrealistic and you’d rather have a large, smooth cock in a bright neon color such as red or green. You could even choose a strap-on modeled after a fictional creature, such as a dragon, vampire or unicorn! Just remember – it’s all you! Your sub SHOULD NOT get a choice!

For extra pleasure, you can also choose a “double-headed” or “double dong” strap-on. These special implements contain a second shaft, usually set at an angle to the first, which can be used to stimulate the Goddess’s clit and pussy while she fucks her submissive. Of course, she is allowed to have as many orgasms as she likes during the session, while he must wait for her command if he is to be allowed to release at all!

Typically, strap-ons, as their name suggests, are worn via a harness made from cloth or nylon. However, you can also purchase strap-on panties with a hole in them into which the model cock can be snugly inserted. At Lock the Cock, we love these because they let you turn practically any dildo into a strap-on almost instantly!

Tips for Giving Him an Extra-Spicy Pegging

The most important thing to remember when it comes to pegging is to remind your caged man of his submissive, receptive role as much as possible. Do it with your words, teasing and degrading him with each step. Do it with your eyes, refusing to meet his as you go to town on his tender ass. And, of course, do it with your actions – setting your desired pace, starting and stopping when you want to, and including any little extras which you find pleasurable, such as pulling his hair or spanking his pert little ass as you fuck him.

If you’re new to pegging – or even if you’re a veteran! – we recommend using language and actions to set the mood and scenario. Emphasize at every turn that you are taking on the domineering, “male” role and he is taking on the receptive “female” one.

For example, the keyholder might refer to the strap-on exclusively as “my cock” instead of “the toy” or “the strap-on”. Make sure the sub does the same, of course! If you’re a keyholder, use dirty talk reminding the caged male of how big and hard “your cock” is, and how good it’s going to make him feel. If you’re a caged sub, beg your Mistress to fill you up with her huge cock!

Reinforce the scenario with actions clearly establishing the strap-on as the keyholder’s genuine cock. Have the caged man perform oral sex on it for as long as the keyholder commands. Remind him that receiving oral is a pleasure he is now permanently denied because his cock is locked in chastity.

If he’s into humiliation, focus on how much bigger the keyholder’s cock is than his own and how it gives him more pleasure than his ever gave to her. You can even coat the strap-on in flavored lube – or the male’s release, perhaps milked from his prostate – to simulate him “cleaning cum off your cock” with his mouth and tongue!

During the actual pegging, use lots of lube and talk about “how wet you’re making him” or “how wet he’s getting for you”. Add an extra layer of humiliation by having him wear a frilly dress and lacy panties, or get on his hands and knees and spread his cheeks to present his asshole for your inspection and use. You could even tie him up so you can really go to town as rough as you want! (See here for more information about ways to tie up your man).

Once the session is complete, the keyholder should make the caged male perform any necessary cleanup. He should be the one to wash off all toys and clean any parts of his Mistress’s body which may require it. If he’s been very, very good, his keyholding Goddess may even grant him the supreme honor of helping her remove the strap-on and harness!

But(t) Wait, There’s More: Other Options

The examples provided above are just a few of the amazing toys and techniques which can be used to stimulate your caged man’s ass. You can also try any number of other toys, from vibrating dildos to anal beads, which give pleasure both when being inserted and being removed.

Another great option, if you’re more about the skin-to-skin contact, is to gradually increase the number of fingers that the caged man’s ass can take. Start with one – thoroughly lubed up, of course! – and then move to two, three and even more as your sessions progress. If he’s a particularly good slave, you’ll eventually get to the point where you can fist him – yes, you heard us right, you’ll be able to fit your entire fist inside your submissive partner’s ass!

A Quick Word of Warning

The dangerous thing about anal play is that it gives a naughty sub ways to stimulate himself even while his cock is locked in chastity. Make sure to keep all butt plugs, vibrators and other toys locked up or hidden so that only the keyholder has access to them.

If you find that your disobedient slave has been trying to secretly sneak a finger or two inside himself while you’re not looking, make sure to punish him until he knows just how bad he’s been. Have him wear a butt plug throughout the day so he no longer has access to his asshole unless you permit it. Alternately, have him wear thick gloves with rough, textured fingers or regularly coat his hands in strong soap, scented lotion or any substance which will sting and feel uncomfortable should he try to touch himself.

Let’s Put It All Together!

An Example Anal Play Tease for a Chastity Couple

If you’re still looking for a little guidance – or even if you’ve been engaging in anal play for years and are seeking a spicy new scenario – we’ve provided instructions for an example ass-focused scenario using many of the tips and tools described above.

Follow this step by step guide from beginning to “end” (pun fully intended!) for explosive orgasmic fun for her and painful, frustrating denial for him!

  1. Draw up a shopping list of everyday items used in or evoking anal play. Examples could include: gloves, disposable enemas, baby wipes, condoms, baby oil or Vaseline, and butt- or cock-reminiscent foods such as peaches, cucumbers, or carrots. Send your caged man to the store to purchase them. Remind him that the play session will not begin until he returns with every item on the list.
  2. When he gets home, have him list off every item to you and describe how he felt purchasing them. If he took too long or isn’t descriptive enough, give him a spank on the butt cheek for each item!
  3. Dress him up in the outfit of your choice. Might we recommend a frilly maid uniform and some lace panties?
  4. Have him perform an enema on himself. Make him stand in front of the toilet and hold the fluid in for at least 5 minutes. He can do whatever he needs to do to keep it inside, whether that’s twitching and squirming or even holding his cheeks closed. If you’re feeling extra cruel, offer rewards for going further – such as one hour off of his chastity timer for each extra minute held in.
  5. Command him to sit on the toilet for 20 minutes as the enema does its work. If he’s into humiliation, watch him the entire time.
  6. Have him take a shower and thoroughly wash off his ass twice: once with soap and once with baby wipes or just hot water. As he does this, put on your strap-on and harness.
  7. Force him to kneel and beg to be filled by your cock until you allow him to stop.
  8. Have him perform oral sex on the strap-on for as long as you desire. Tease him verbally by reminding him how much bigger your cock is than his.
  9. Once you are satisfied with his oral performance, have him get on all fours and spread his cheeks for you.

  1. Stretch out his asshole using your fingers – anywhere from one to three depending on how much he can take. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube! If he begs for you to speed up or “just fuck him already,” punish him by slowing down and delivering a smack to his ass with your free hand!
  2. Once he is sufficiently stretched, firmly grab his hips and slowly penetrate his asshole. (Don’t worry, you can be much rougher once you get inside!) Force him to continue begging for / praising your cock throughout the insertion process.
  3. Fuck your caged chastity slave for as long and as hard as you desire! Feel free to add in as many additional kinks as you like – slap him, talk dirty to him, pull his hair, squeeze or slap his balls, the sky is truly the limit! Don’t forget to have lots of orgasms – and tease him by telling him about it each time you do!
  4. Once you’re satisfied, it’s keyholder’s choice for how to end it. Give him a ruined orgasm (go here to learn how), milk his prostate until his release dribbles out, or leave him horny and tormented with nothing at all. If you decide to be extra merciful and give him a full orgasm, attach conditions to it – such as, perhaps, 48 hours with a jeweled pink butt plug shoved up his sore little ass!
  5. If he did cum – and ESPECIALLY if he did so without permission, smear it on your cock and have him clean it all up with his mouth
  6. End the session by having your caged man perform all necessary clean-up tasks. Examples include washing the strap-on and putting away any tools and toys used. If he did good, praise him while he does this, but, if he was naughty, chastise him instead and decide on his next punishment!

From all of us here at Lock the Cock, we’d like to sincerely wish you hours and hours of fun with butt plugs, pegging, prostate milking, and all other kinds of sexy, fun anal play. Just remember to keep an eye on your naughty little slave at all times – just because he’s getting the extreme honor of having you penetrate his ass doesn’t mean that he’ll get to cum today – or at all!

For more information about prostate milking, a specific type of anal play technique, head here. Alternately, go here to check out our recommendations for anal lubricant or here for additional chastity-focused teases and games!