My Locked Cock and Slutty Ass On Display at the Club!

When Queen E at last pulled the thick, itchy black blindfold away from my eyes, it took me several seconds to figure out where I was.

I wasn’t in any dungeon that I knew. The room was far too large for that, and, while there was a St. Andrew’s Cross prominently displayed against one wall and a full rack of various sized handcuffs against another, out of the corner of my eye I could also see something long and wooden which looked like a well-stocked liquor bar. Not to mention the lights – it was dim, but still brighter than most dungeons, with pulsing lights in alternating, arousing shades of sultry red and enticing dark purple.

Behind me, I heard Queen E laugh. “Figured it out yet, slave?” she demanded. I heard the crack of her favorite whip against one of the tall, black leather boots she’d used my last paycheck to purchase. Even though my restraints didn’t allow me to turn around and look at her, I could tell exactly what sort of punishment was in store for me if I answered incorrectly.

More laughter joined hers. I picked out two female voices and one male. I recognized the high pitched giggle of Queen E’s friend, Goddess L, but the other two weren’t familiar to me.

My tiny inch and a half long cock twitched futilely inside of its cage – a weighty, stainless steel Mistress’s Little Prisoner model with a wicked looking, extra large (and extra heavy!) external padlock. Queen E knew that I had a number of fantasies about being passed around and used in public. She’d shared me with Goddess L before – while she’d had some fun with the bubbly Goddess’s own slave of course – but this was the most people who had ever seen me naked at one time.

And fully naked I was. My long black hair, gelled and treated with floral shampoo just the way my keyholder liked it, hung limply over my shoulders without even a hair tie to hold it up. Even the tiny pale blue lace panties I had been wearing when we left the house had been removed, leaving my cock cage and its tiny prisoner on display for all to see.

Queen E’s voice brought me back to reality, her harsh, Dominant tones dark with the threat of punishment. “I asked you where we were, slut. Did you hear me, little girl?” This time, she didn’t merely threaten. Her whip snaked out and smacked me right on my pale, unmarked ass cheek. A moment later, she gave the right cheek a smack to match the left. “Answer me!”

Luckily for me, I spared myself further punishment. “Are we at Denial?” Denial was the hottest new S&M club in the next town over from Queen E’s luxurious penthouse apartment (kept spotlessly clean by me, of course!) They had a special feature where, once a week, one guest would be chosen to be tied up on stage with all their holes open for use by any other guests who wanted to for the entire night.

This week, it looked like it was my turn.

My cock twitched again. Denial was so popular, I knew that by the end of the night there could be as many as one hundred people in attendance. And every single one of them would be able to see that I was a bad boy who had to keep his cock locked in a metal cage because he couldn’t stop touching it. Even though I couldn’t see Queen E directly, I knew she would be wearing the golden key to my cage prominently around her neck. Everyone at the club would understand that she owned me, that I was nothing but her property.

Queen E walked in circles around me, dragging her whip all over my body as she inspected the bindings to make sure that I was secure. And I was. A thick iron band encircled each of my ankles. Between them was a metal spreader, which forced me to stand with my legs apart. A smaller ring encircled my pathetic, shriveled balls just below my locked cock. A slender rope stretched from there to the center of the leg spreader. I knew what it meant – if I moved or twitched around too much, it would start tugging and pulling painfully on my poor balls.

My wrists were tied with what felt like handcuffs – but I couldn’t tell for sure, because they were pulled above and behind my head by a chain and attached to some sort of hook up on the ceiling. A collar around my neck – dark blue leather decorated with spikes, just how Queen E liked it – was attached by yet another chain to the same hook.

Thin ropes criss-crossed my chest, more for display and aesthetics than any actual restraint function – but that was only because the handcuffs and leg irons were already doing their job so well. I could feel several knots against my skin, and realized that whoever had tied me up had to be a professional. I shivered, my cock once again trying to spasm inside its steel prison. Queen E and her new friends were not going to go easy on me.

Finally, Queen E and her companions walked around in front of me so that I could see them. Queen E was wearing a dark blue latex overbust corset, light blue panties and garters, and, of course, those black boots. A matching pair of black latex gloves covered her arms from fingertip to elbow. Her corset was exactly the same shade as her long, straight, dyed blue hair. I loved that hair. It reminded me that she was the dominant one in our relationship, and could change her body – and mine! – whenever she decided to do so.

With her were, as I had guessed, two men and a woman. Her friend Goddess L was wearing a bright red latex catsuit and red boots which were similar to Queen E’s black ones. The woman I didn’t know also wore a corset, but hers was pure black. She had long black hair, like mine but much more attractive and sexy. Lastly, the man was extremely tall, probably over six feet, and had bright red hair. He wore a fishnet muscle shirt and was naked from the waist down. His erect cock was at least ten inches long – of course, someone as dominant as him wasn’t wearing a cage. I don’t think a cage even exists that would fit him!

“You know Goddess L,” Queen E said to me, “but here are two new masters for you to submit to. You will call her Mistress T and you will call him Lord S. Everyone, this is my slave. “v,” but you can just call him slut, slave, or chastity whore.” I shivered all over my body as I heard her use the single letter nickname that she had assigned to me when she felt I was no longer deserving of a full name. As my body moved without my control, I felt a tug on my balls and cried out in pain.

“That’s no good. I like them quiet,” said the black haired woman, Mistress T. She stepped forward and shoved a latex ball gag roughly into my mouth. “Shut up, chastity whore.” She snapped at me as she locked the gag in place behind my head so I could not spit it out even if I tried.

“Of course, my friends and I aren’t interested in your pathetic caged cock. After all, the reason why I locked it up is because it is no good at providing pleasure to anyone. So instead, we’re going to take turns having fun with your asshole.” She didn’t ask me if that was okay. It wasn’t a request. It was a command.

But of course, I didn’t mind! I was loving this! I knew my slutty ass was in for the teasing of a lifetime.

And I was right. Goddess L went first. She slathered her long, slender fingers with lube and inserted one of them into my tight asshole without asking if I was ready. My body twitched at the intrusion and I got both another tug on my balls from the restraints and a slap on my left cheek from Queen E’s gloved palm. I knew that one would leave a red mark in the morning!

Goddess L didn’t warn me as she added a second finger, and then a third, thrusting in and out of my ass with abandon. What she did instead was verbally tease me the entire time. “Oh, you’ve got such a wet little man-pussy,” the short blonde goddess practically purred. “See how it stretches open further and further for me!”

“My turn now,” said Mistress T. Her voice was low, deeper than the other women’s and very sexy. “After all, if you’re going to take Lord S’s cock by the end of the night, you need to warm up with mine first.”

My eyes widened, and I would have cried out had the ball gag not been in my mouth. Take Lord S’s cock? That thing was huge! There was no way I could!

…But Queen E and her friends had decided I was going to, and by the end of tonight too, so I know I had no choice.

Queen E had a huge collection of strap-ons back at home. Most of them were smooth and brightly colored. Mistress T’s was different. It was bigger than any I had taken before, and it was pink and decorated with ridges. It looked like an alien’s cock, or maybe a dog’s. My asshole twitched at the thought of taking it in.

But take it in I did. She used less lube than Goddess L had, and so, even though my hole had been stretched out by the goddess’s ministrations, I felt a painful stretching sensation as she penetrated me.

“Oh, you love my cock, don’t you, you little slut slave?” she asked me. I nodded, unable to answer verbally. She grabbed a handful of my long black hair in one of her perfectly manicured hands and pulled. I’d never had my hair pulled during sex before, but I immediately realized that I loved it.

The gag perfectly muffled my screams as she fucked me and continued to tug on my hair. She didn’t talk as much as Goddess L had, but her words were just as sexy. “You love my cock even more than your own, slave. And why wouldn’t you? It’s much bigger and harder than your pathetic little locked up tool, isn’t it?

Mistress T’s gorgeous, hard cock was long enough to reach my prostate with every thrust. I whined. If she didn’t stop, I was going to cum soon! I could see Queen E glaring at me. I knew I didn’t have her permission to cum yet. But if this amazing ass fucking didn’t stop, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to hold out!

Luckily, Mistress T pulled her cock out of my ass at the last minute before I was about to lose it and orgasm without permission. My hole twitched, hating the feeling of emptiness after being stuffed so gloriously full.

But I wasn’t going to be allowed to stay empty for long. Lord S walked up to me and took Mistress T’s place behind me. As he passed me, I could see that he had already slathered his huge, erect cock with plenty of lube. But I knew that even with that much lube and all the preparation I had had before, this was going to be the biggest thing that had ever entered my ass. It was going to hurt.

And it did. He entered me with one long, single thrust, grunting with his deep, manly voice as he did so. Of course, despite how good Lord S was making me feel, my sissy self could only respond with pathetic, high pitched whines and moans. Every stroke of his cock reminded me that I wasn’t a real man, that all I deserved was to be locked up because my own cock was so pathetic and tiny, not wonderful and huge like his.

If Mistress T had been good at hitting my prostate with every stroke, Lord S was better. I could feel it swelling up as he thrusted and pounded into me with animalistic fervor. His strong hands gripped my hips with each thrust, leaving more red marks alongside those from the whippings and spankings I had received earlier.

Lord S wasn’t very talkative, which made every grunt and growl of his extra special to me. As he got close, he snarled “Are you ready to take my cum, chastity whore? Are you ready to feel what a real man’s orgasm feels like?”

I whined and moaned in response, but it was Queen E who answered for me. “Of course he is. Give it to him. Show my chastity slave how pathetic he truly is.”

With one last wild, animal like yell, Lord S filled my abused ass with a white hot load of cum. It was more cum than I had ever been able to release, even before Queen E had locked my cock away.

The feeling of the thick, sticky liquid hitting my already sensitive prostate was too much for me. My cock couldn’t get an erection inside of its stainless steel chastity cage, so I didn’t have a full orgasm. But, my pathetic girly cum leaked out of me. Compared to Lord S’s load, it was just a few tiny, pathetic dribbles and drops. I blushed bright red as I heard Mistress T and Goddess L laughing at my pathetic release.

“Did I say you could have an orgasm, chastity slave?” Queen E demanded, striking me across the shoulders with her whip, hard enough to draw a thin line of blood along my back.

I shook my head frantically: no no no. It had only been a ruined orgasm, but it still had happened without her permission, and long before our chastity contract said my next release was allowed. A few of the pitiful drops dribbled out through the hole in my heavy steel cage and hit the club floor, but most of them remained trapped inside, making my tiny shriveled cock feel cold and sticky. I knew that I’d have to live with the uncomfortable feeling for the rest of the night – but I also knew that it would be far from my only punishment.

“I think a good punishment would be to keep Lord S’s cum inside of you all night, so you can be reminded what a real man’s cum feels like and how pathetic your own release is in comparison,” Queen E said. She held up a toy that I was very familiar with: a bright pink butt plug, just barely smaller than Lord S’s magnificent cock, with a fake, glittery diamond jewel on the end of it.

Lord S withdrew his cock, and, seconds later, I felt my ass become stuffed with the butt plug instead. Although I was bound up tight and could barely move, I could still feel all that cum sloshing around inside my sore hole. There was just so much of it!

“Comfortable, caged whore?” Queen E asked. I shook my head “no” and she smiled. “Good. That’s just the way I want it to be.”

“Now,” She grinned at her three friends and looked around the club. “Let’s see who else wants to take a turn with you, slave. After all, you’ll be here all night!”