Can Your Dick Fall Off?

Can Using A Chastity Device Make Your Penis Fall Off?

When it comes to their penis, guys can be quite protective. I mean who can blame them? This little guy is the literal symbol of their masculinity.

In most western societies the ability to penetrate a vagina or anus is the quintessential essence of what it means to be a man. So obviously none of them want any harm to come to their little friend.

When it comes to chastity, this can present an interesting dilemma. Can it cause any damage?

Surprisingly, information on this topic is a little sparse. So on a dreary Monday here at the LocktheCock office, I decided to take a deep dive into the depths of the internet and see exactly what (if anything) might happen to your penis if you leave it in a cage for too long.

Is It Even Possible For Your Penis To Fall Off?

The first somewhat obvious thing to consider is whether or not your penis can fall off.

While it might be a horror story told to many a young boy to stop them touching it all the time, it is a body part. It’s not like we spend our days wondering whether or not our hands or feet are suddenly going to fall off!

This doesn’t mean that we’re completely out of the woods though. There are some different reasons for body parts to fall off, but they usually indicate some other underlying problems. One of the most common examples you might find is gangrene.

So if it is possible for your penis to fall off, what causes it to happen?

For this we need a tiny bit of anatomical knowledge. In the penis there are two kinds of blood vessels, one to transport blood into the penis, and one to take it back out again.

The arteries that carry blood into the penis are typically located on the interior of the penis, with the veins that carry blood out of the penis located on the outside.

This is exactly how a cock ring works to improve your erections, as the tightness of the ring restricts the blood flow out of the penis and forces more blood to stay in it, keeping the special tissue (corpus cavernosa) full and keeping your penis erect.

While restricting blood flow in this way can have a positive effect, there is a fine line. Restrict the blood flow too much, and you risk a lack of blood getting to your penis and that can have some serious problems.

Worst of all, it could lead to some of the tissue inside your penis dying off from lack of oxygen and blood. When this happens, eventually the flesh will begin to rot away, and if enough skin is affected, then you could end up in a situation where the entire thing falls off!

But Cock Cages Aren’t Cock Rings!

So what does all this have to do with chastity cages? Surely if my cage is working properly it shouldn’t be causing any of these negative effects?

This is mostly correct. The key comes down to the way cock cages are designed to fit over your penis.

The majority of cock cages are made up of two parts, a ring, and a tube or cage. Each part has its own role to play in the chastity process.

The ring is designed to go around both the penis and the testicles, and the goal is to make ejaculation harder.

The tube or cage covers the main body of the penis, with the simple aim to make erections much harder to achieve.

When your cock cage fits properly, there shouldn’t be any problems at all. You might feel mild amounts of pain when you get an erection, but this is part of the process and completely normal.

The only time issues really arise is if either the ring or the cage are too tight fitting. When this happens, there’s a much greater risk of reduced blood flow to your penis which can lead to the problems discussed earlier.

So Your Dick Can Fall Off From Wearing A Cock Cage. But Does It Really Happen?

Well we can safely say that from our base of satisfied customers we’ve never seen any example of someone who is wearing the right cage having any problems with their penis.

It’s not just us though, after an extensive online search we weren’t able to find any examples of health problems related to male chastity.

Now we aren’t saying 100% that you’ll be fine, and there are varying opinions in the medical community without much solid research being done on the matter.

What we do know though, is that some men use chastity cages all the time. Literally. They will stay caged up for months and months without being released, and all of them say the same thing.

Get a cage that fits, and you’ll have no problems.

Getting The Right Cage

If you haven’t gathered by now, size is incredibly important when buying a cock cage.

If the ring is too small, you’re likely to cut off blood flow, and then your dick might just fall off. If the cage is the wrong size, there can be all kinds of problems from chafing to bad hygiene, or even more painful erections (you want the cage smaller than you might think, so it stops the erection before it even starts).

The best way to make sure you have the perfect fit is to measure each part of your penis separately.

The balls need to be able to pass through the ring, as does the head and shaft of the penis, so getting a ring that is only slightly larger than the larger of the two measurements is ideal.

For length, you need to measure your penis when flaccid, and get a cage with only a little wiggle room for your little man. If you aren’t worried about comfort though, you can get a cage that’s slightly longer, which will let you get a partial erection before the restriction kicks in and stops it in its tracks.

For more information on how to measure your penis before buying a cage, check out our extensive guide on cock cage measurements here.

So My Dick Can Fall Off?

After all our research, the honest answer we have to give you all is that yes, your penis could become dismembered as a result of using a chastity device.

Technically. It takes more than a fair portion of human error though, so is it really fair to blame the cage?

For the completely risk averse, this might be enough to put you off. The majority of us though are perfectly happy to keep using our cages, safe in the knowledge that as long as we measure properly everything will be completely fine.

As always, listen to your own body, and if you suspect a problem then just take the cage off and investigate. After all, we want to enjoy our chastity!