Male Chastity Devices

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Whether you’re looking for your next cage, or sitting and wondering “how do chastity cages work”, LocktheCock has you covered. Our extensive range includes cock cages for all kinds of men, and all kinds of Mistresses.

What are Chastity Cages?

For the complete beginners, you might be wondering, just what does a chastity device do? They might look intimidating at first, but they’re really quite simple. A chastity device covers a man’s penis, and prevents them getting an erection.

The lack of erection and inability to touch his penis will help a man with his chastity pledge, and often makes him much more attentive to his partner’s needs. So rather than thinking “what does a chastity cage do”, it’s more about what a chastity cage stops you from doing.

Our Best Chastity Cages

Almost everyone who visits our site has one burning question on their mind: “What is the best chastity device?”

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Each penis will have different needs, and every relationship is different. The best thing you can do is find the right cage for you, and now you’ve found LocktheCock, you know exactly where to buy chastity cages.

Most men will opt for either silicone chastity cages or metal chastity cages. While similar, these have some key differences that might help you choose one or the other.

Silicone v metal cages

If just choosing a material isn’t enough for you, then explore our other collections of curated cages. Each collection contains a specific set of cages that are perfect for a certain type of man or relationship. One of the most popular types are sissy chastity cages, which are usually used while exploring your feminine side and becoming very submissive to your Mistress.

Then for the true connoisseur, there’s the Cellmate. This device is the Ferrari of the chastity world, coming packed with great features you’ll love using. Most importantly, the device links to an app which lets your Mistress lock you from anywhere in the world, or lets you set a timer for a solo lock up period. No keys required!

Learn More About Chastity

Once you’ve chosen your cage and you’re ready to start your pledge, you’ll want to check out our in depth chastity guide. We cover a vast range of topics, but to get you started you’ll want to read our page discussing how to put on a cock cage, and how to wear a chastity cage in your everyday life.

If you’re not quite sure which cage you need, head over to our measuring guide to learn the right way to measure your cock, and make sure you get a cage that will fit you perfectly.

With LocktheCock, you have everything you need to make your chastity pledge special!