Male Chastity Devices

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Ready to take it to the extreme level? Our metal chastity devices are the perfect way to go! For our experienced BDSM and chastity lovers who are looking for a challenge, these cages will make all your torture and humiliation dreams come true.

All our metal chastity devices are crafted from 100% high-quality stainless steel--a material so robust and sleek that you'll definitely know and feel once you have it on! Most cock cages made from metal are built to such a solid condition, so expect a bit of heft and weight on your manhood whilst you have one of these in your pants (or underwear...or maybe just your cock if you're not wearing anything). Our stainless steel metal cages also ensure that each product is rust-proof to allow continuous long-term (or permanent) use. You can even wear it in the shower or while you urinate.

As with our other chastity devices made from other materials, these cages are very easy to clean: simply disinfect your sex toy with mild fragrance-free soap and thoroughly rinse with warm water, it's best if you pat your cage dry with a soft towel or let it dry with a hairdryer set on its lowest heat setting. Easy-as-pie instructions on how to keep your cage in the exact condition as when you first bought it.

Since metal cages are usually the toughest and most rigid chastity devices out there, they are able to add in a few features and perks to get more than just bondage and slavery. Because of that, we also introduced some cages that are also gratified torture devices! Encased enclosures to completely deny your man's erection, open birdcage designs to nibble on and play with the peeking members, urethral catheter tubes for the suffering of a lifetime, and spikes either in ring form or in individual screws to keep the cock in its place. It's like having your own mini-dungeon right into one device!

Our metal chastity devices can be locked and secured with a padlock or an internal lock with at least two keys for the dominant partner. You'll just love the wide range of trinkets and playthings that we have available for you. Ready to be shipped in discreet and nameless packaging. Different styles, sizes, and elements exist to satisfy your different preferences to embarrass your man.

Metal Chastity Cages - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Feel the steel with a metal male chastity cage!