Male Chastity Devices

Imagine you’re in a dark room with lit candles, the air is warm, aromatic fragrances fill the atmosphere. Then you hear something, the slap of a whip, the clicking of heels. A dungeon, your partner wearing lace, tight knee-high heeled latex boots, holding the whip. Was that enough to make you hard? If so, you've come to the right place.

The purpose of male chastity devices is to prevent you from ever having an erection be it short-term, long-term or permanent. We have all the types you may need. Silicone or hard plastic cages for the beginners and those who are just starting out into the wonderful world of BDSM and chastity. Stainless steel for the more experienced individuals looking for a challenge since our stainless-steel cages are not only jails, some of them are gratified torture devices.

Our male chastity devices are guaranteed to keep you orgasm-free for days. Choose from our wide variety of cock cages based on your preference, or on how Master or Mistress would like to humiliate you. We have open cage designs to full enclosures. For some added torture, pick one that offers electrifying shocks or stingy urethral catheter tubes. If your dominant partner wants to go medieval style, we have chastity devices which include spikes for that Iron Maiden feel.

Whether you're a 6-inch or a 1-inch, we have something for you. We believe all cocks deserve to be punished and disgraced from doing selfish deeds that they're not allowed to. All sizes are capable of getting sexually aroused and erected, therefore, all sizes deserve to be locked up for those reasons alone.

Our male chastity devices are also very easy to clean, some of them you clean whilst still having it on. Just lather with mild fragrance-free soap and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel or air dry using a hairdryer on its lowest setting.

All our products are shipped and sent to your doorstep in discreet packaging. No one will ever guess what it is. After all, not knowing is part of the fun. Have fun fulfilling your desires with our male chastity devices.

Male Chastity Devices - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Browse the #1 cock cage collection online @LocktheCock!