About Us

San Francisco residents Corinne and Mark founded LockTheCock as a way to share their love of male chastity with the rest of the world. Their goal is to make high quality, user friendly cock cages available to chastity fans for reasonable prices while also educating people about their proper use and care.

Mark currently spends most of his time locked up in one of our very own models, with the eventual goal of making it permanent. Other than chastity, his interests include website design, cats and hamburgers. Corinne is a veteran keyholder who used her erotic fanfiction talents to create the spicy stories and informative articles here on the LockTheCock website. She enjoys long walks on the beach, breakfast food and hearing about the chastity experiences of satisfied customers!

Bellow are our favorite chastity devices, you can find out more (and see more!) Here