About Us

What is LocktheCock about? Three things...

Cock Cages

Lockthecock's selection of chastity cages are curated by veteran Mistresses experienced in the art of denial. With silicone, metal, CB6000, holy trainer and even electroshock models, there's something to make sure every slave learns his place

Your Privacy

Lockthecock is commited to being discreet, fast and professional. We make sure that your pledge is something that only you and your Mistress know about. And ours of course...

The Chastity Experience

LocktheCock doesn't just want to sell you cages. We take pride in being an active member of the Chastity community, and always look to provide high-quality, informative and entertaining content to make your chastity life the best it can be.

Enjoy Chastity today. The LocktheCock way.