Felt Cage Storage Pouch 1 Piece

What's inside the bag? Is it jewelry? It's actually something more precious than any gold or silver you may have. It's none other than your cock cage! We finally have something that you can use to keep your prized possessions in a safe and secure place. When your chastity devices are not being worn, you need to make sure that they're well protected. Storing them in a case won't help as the plastic containers might give them away and have unwanted guests giving you death stares. Worry no more. Felt Cage Storage Pouch 1 Piece is here to help you get through all your dilemmas.

The bag is made from 100% high-quality cotton, so you know that your investments are well-protected when you store them in there.  The bag is in a solid and opaque color, so no one will be able to suspect what you may have in them. And when they ask? You can just say that it's something worth more than diamonds. Because really, what's worth more than your partner's loyalty? Little do they know, it has devices that help your partner be loyal and remain loyal.

Pull the nylon strings apart and your cock cages are safe and sound, and you can now store them where no one would ever be able to suspect. Not even your submissive. You can store your chastity devices to prevent any mishaps and misfortunes. Don't underestimate, this may be one of the smartest investments you'll ever have. 

Color/Type Black Pouch
Material Cotton, Nylon
Pouch Dimensions (inches) 4.72 inches (Height) by 3.54 inches (Width)


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Felt Cage Storage Pouch 1 Piece

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