Train Your Man Holy Trainer
Train Your Man Holy Trainer
Train Your Man Holy Trainer
Train Your Man Holy Trainer
Train Your Man Holy Trainer

Hey there beginners! Start your cock-locking journey with our Train Your Man Holy Trainer. This chastity device covers your entire cock with few perforations to allow urine flow. Tame your man and achieve full gratification as your caged man pleads for mercy. Control his sexual urges as you fulfill yours. Your caged man will be on his knees the whole night as you reach extreme pleasure.

Trust your chaste penis to be encased in a soft and ergonomic cage with our Train Your Man Holy Trainer. Keyholders can start their night with hot and steamy foreplay and believe us, your chastity slave will not achieve their rock-hard erection. Make them beg for more and tease them all night long. You hold the key to their manhood.

This Holy Trainer model chastity device is perfect for first-time users. The hard plastic material is smooth and comfortable, and the attached cock ring features a special easy-to-use easy-to-remove design. It includes a lock and two keys. In addition, the Holy Trainer comes with three cock rings in different sizes to help you find the perfect fit! It is available in a dominant black, devilish red, daring clear and delicate pink.

Our Train your Man chastity device is easy-to-clean. Submerge it in clean water and use a mild, fragrance-free soap to wash it. You can also consider those sex toys cleaning sprays to maintain the quality of your chastity device.

 So, buckle up because you will be in for a long, hot, and kinky ride!

Color/Type White, Black, Rose Pink, Red Penis rings
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension


4.19cm (1.65in);

4.45cm (1.75in); or

4.7cm (1.85in)

Cage Dimension

Inner Diameter - 3.63cm (1.40in);

Length - 6.99cm (2.75in)

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Train Your Man Holy Trainer

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